Bookmobile Soft Opening – June 1st

The Bookmobile will be on our summer route starting June 1. We will launch a soft opening.

  • Returns will go in the colored bins, where they will be quarantined for three days before being returned to the shelf.
  • No patrons will be on the truck, or if not a shared space, inside the Headquarters Library.
  • Properly worn mask must be worn by staff and patrons. Honor 6 feet social distancing at all times.
  • If you come without a mask, materials will be placed in your car.
  • Materials will be placed on table(s) outside the Bookmobile or Headquarters Library.
  • Only one (1) person per family should come and pick up items.

Sanpete/Southern Juab County Bookmobile

About Us

The Sanpete/Southern Juab County Bookmobile is open to anyone residing in Sanpete County and Southern Juab County (Levan and Nephi).  Indianola is served by the Utah/Northern Juab County Bookmobile. The Bookmobile provides on-site library service as well as mobile library service to outlying communities without immediate access to city libraries.

Our bookmobile makes 23 stops and serves 15 communities and 12 schools. There are over 5,000 items on the bookmobile. We offer access to interlibrary loans for those hard-to-find books. We're "Driven to Read"!

The Sanpete/Southern Juab County Bookmobile is a joint effort of the Utah State Library, Sanpete County, and Juab County.


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Book Drops

Return your items to any bookmobile stop, the Headquarters Library in Fairview, or the Nebo Market in Nephi.

Bookmobile Stop

Fairview Library

Nebo Market

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The Bookmobile is open to anyone residing in Sanpete and Juab Counties.

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Headquarters Library
75 South State Street, Fairview, UT 84629

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Headquarters: 435-427-9305

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Headquarters Library
75 South State Street
Fairview, UT 84629

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